What you need to know about our New Year, No Excuses Challenge!

We at SWEAT FITNESS have created the best challenge that you will ever take part in. We've cooked up a program that will give you REAL results you can actually sustain.

This 4-week challenge is awesome for beginners who are not quite sure where to being and also great for advanced clients wanting an extra challenge. 

Either way, these 4- weeks WILL change your life.

Every challenge we will host will feature ALL-NEW workouts, pages of Nutritional guidance, follow along video demos for all the workouts, entry to our community Facebook page, and access to Emily & Lwando as your coaches.

Mark your calendars because our first challenge will begin: Monday, 11 January 2021, and end Friday, 5th February 2021.


🔑 4 week professionally designed workout program & calendar

🔑 Can be completed at home or at the gym! #noexcuses

🔑 Challenge start date Mon 18 Jan end Fri 19 Feb 2021!

🔑 Designed to target every single muscle group to optimize body fat burn & muscle strength

🔑 Minimal equipment needed; just 2 pairs of dumbbells! 1 light & 1 heavy pair for upper body & lower body respectively

🔑 Resistance bands are optional*. Some movements can be done with bands if dumbbells aren’t available & other movements can be intensified with the addition of bands

🔑 Our top training tips

🔑 Our most trusted nutrition tips

🔑 Everything you need to know about supplements so you can make an informed decision about using them or not

🔑 Tips for fat loss

🔑 Tips for weight gain

🔑 Our guide to counting macros

🔑 How to take progress pictures

🔑 How to read food labels

🔑 Follow along Youtube demonstration videos

🔑 Private community Facebook group for motivation and to channel key information

Here's a sneak peek into what you can expect from the Youtube demo videos. Our goal is to ensure that you know how you are suppose to be preforming each of the movements. Form is key!

Sign up for the challenge here.

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