Is Your Fitness App Making You Fat?

The current age we are living in is filled with countless fitness apps, each promising results faster than the next. Not only can you download these apps onto your phones to help you monitor and track your diet and exercise routine, companies want you to help track your steps and count calories with hopes that by the end of the day you will eliminate excess blubber.

There is just a tiny problem with these apps, most of them don't work and I have it in my right mind to believe that they actually could hinder your progress. Studies show that it depends on your starting point, these apps are more beneficial to those who already lead active lifestyles. I mean let's think about it if you are already inclined to set specific fitness goals and get your daily fix of fruits & vegetables, chances are that the new app you just downloaded won't change your life much, if at all. But if you're not disposed to healthy behaviors, maybe downloading an app isn't the magical solution. Most of these gadgets and apps attempt to push people to eat less and exercise more. They as users to track what they eat and record their physical activity. Eat too much and more too little and you'll get fat, right? Not exactly.

Here are some things people never tell you about successfully making fitness a part of your lifestyle:

  1. It's more like learning a language than running a marathon; in other words, it cannot happen overnight. You must be willing to learn and understand the language/ science of how your body moves and how it reacts to stresses placed on it and how you can eat to get optimal your body to perform optimally.

  2. Facing setbacks along your journey is normal and something that everyone goes through. Allow me to remind you that when it happens just remember that it's normal, you are okay and you just have to keep going. One day at a time.

  3. Other people will annoy the sh*t out of you. From unsolicited remarks on your dietary choices to snide comments about how much you've changed. 🙄 These are inescapable obstacles in the fitness right of passage. Deal with these by separating them into two categories, the first consists of people who are genuinely curious about your new lifestyle choice, and the second that are trying to sabotage your greatness. Don't you let them!

  4. The journey is never over. There honestly is no end, you don't achieve the results you want then stop. You will always have to incorporate movement as a part of your new life - one where fitness is just as important as eating, sleeping, and sex. But you won't regret a minute of it, it's just a better life!

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