Are You Regular?

Going no. 2 can be a rather uncomfortable topic of discussion but I love pushing people out of any boundaries they try and put around themselves and challenge them to engage, think and grow. So, here we are talking about how often you go. How many times you visit the porcelain throne?

If you missed my (Emily) Twitter poll, I'm urging you to stop reading and go comment your answer at the end of this post.

DYK: The skipper caterpillar is just a mere 1.30 cm long (half an inch) but can shoot its poop a distance of 180cm (6ft)? & A goose defecates an average of once every twelve minutes.

Below are the final results of the poll, I'm glad to see that 60% of 59 that took part go once a day! Poop and poop habits are pretty varied and no two humans bowl movements will ever be the same.

So, how frequently should you be dropping a deuce?

Well the experts say, a wide range of pooping frequencies are considered normal. Some adults may visit the loo three times a day, while others may only go three times a week. How often you go is influenced by factors such as stress, genetics, and your diet - less fiber it includes, the less often you'll probably go and how often you break a sweat.

See once again, sweat life stays winning!

Stress is a major factor towards how often you go, your brain and gut are tightly linked by a network of nerves and neurotransmitters. When we get anxious, our bodies direct blood to our vital organs like our heart and lungs and away from the digestive system - which can leave your tummy in complete turmoil. And lead to either constipation or the runs.

The only time you should really be concerned about how often you visit the loo is if there is a sudden change in your habits, in either direction. "If the matter persists, please consult your physician."

Pro Tip: If you feel good and your visits to the loo aren't impacting your overall well-being? Take that as a sign that you are as regular as can be.

Until next time, Stay regular!

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