7 Smart Ways to Stay Active During Winter

Quick Truth: This is something that I still struggle with, gah, and how cold it has been in beautiful Namibia lately, esp this morning, is NOT helping. 😩

Here are a few ways I've been able to fight the chills and keep moving:

  1. Eat - Well enough throughout the day to make sure you have enough energy to workout in the evening. I do this by always making sure I plan my meals and have a healthy snack around because when I'm not eating, I'm thinking about what I'm finna eat later 😹😂; my go to is granola w. yogurt or a good ole banana 🍌.

  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! - I can't stress the importance of drinking water on a daily basis, it is alarming to me how many of us will go through the day without drinking any water at all. The best and oldest trick out there is to make sure you carry a water bottle with you, I always have a 1.5 liters bottle in tow which on a good day I go through at least 3 times a day. You can get your water in with teas too.

  3. Plan - Your workout sessions the same way you would a nail appointment, LADIES!, know what you are going to be working that particular day and use that to keep you on motivated and on track. You can do this by breaking your sessions up into different body parts i.e Mondays = full body, Tuesday = legs, Wednesday = abs & arms etc.

  4. Goals - Try setting one big goal along with some little ones. This can be anything from losing 5kgs to running a 5k by the end of winter or doing a full pull-up. Just make sure it is a goal you really want, that will push you beyond your comfort zone to reach it.

  5. Discover - New ways to move and new places to move - Let's face it going to the gym in itself can become quite monotonous, so why not throw in a hike or a yoga session or an at home workout session. Simply pop in a workout DVD (or good ole Youtube), invest in a few pieces of equipment or just your own bodyweight; & you'll find that working out at home can be a fun, convenient and a great way to stay on track with your goals.

  6. Dress - Warm enough so not to restrict movement/ breathing, invest in some cute warm workout gear. Mr. Price Sport will never let you down or if you are a liker of things Cotton On has some super cute workout sets. I, personally, struggle with this bit because the minute I break a sweat I want to strip down to my bra. 😝

  7. Just Do It - As cliche as it sounds, you have set these goals yourself, have enough self-respect and discipline to stick to them. Finish & Klaar!

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