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Our Favourite 'No-Equipment No-Excuses' Total Body Workout

Here's proof that you don't need fancy equipment and hours in the gym to tackle an effective workout that will give you results. Walk into gym and there are more free weights and machines than most people know what to do with. There are kettlebells and resistance bands, battle ropes, and Bosu balls-and that's just the tip of the fitness equipment iceberg. While all this gear can certainly challenge your body and strength in new ways, you don't have to overcomplicate your routine to get in a smart, effective workout. In fact, there's really only one piece of "equipment" you need: your body. Bodyweight exercises are the foundation of any workout. This is exactly why most of our sessions at boo

Does Having More Muscle Really Increase Your Metabolism?

Recently we received the following question from one of our clients after a one of our many sweaty heavy sessions: “I’ve always thought that adding muscle speeds up your metabolism. But then I read this isn’t correct. So what is the truth: Does increasing your muscle mass really increase your metabolism?” For as long as we have been in the business, a lot of people have believed that for every 1 kilogram of muscle you gain, your body burns an additional 50 calories. On paper, this sounds awesome. But unfortunately, it’s not true. Does Increasing Muscle Mass Increase Metabolism? The answer is “yes, but not by a whole lot.” Research shows that every kilogram of hard-earned muscle burns about


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