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Good Mood Food

How and what you eat can impact your mood. There’s really no such thing as a superfood, but there are certain types of good mood food that can help you feel better because they contain the nutrients that help remove harmful toxins from your body. Those toxins, called free radicals, can be produced naturally by organ function, metabolism and exercise. They can also come from sources outside of your body, including UV rays, smoking, excess alcohol intake, pollution and poor nutrition. An excess of free radicals can cause cellular damage, even to our neural cells. That can manifest in fatigue or mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Good mood food makes you feel better — and here’s why

Gluten Guide

Eliminating gluten from your diet is more than a fad – it can have a real effect on your health, especially if you are diagnosed with an allergy The effects of gluten can have a big impact on daily life. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Celiac disease is a genetic disorder in which consumption of gluten causes the body to attack its own cells, damaging the intestines and leading to nutrient deficiencies and other health problems. If a person has been diagnosed with celiac disease, they would need to eliminate gluten entirely from their diet to prevent health complications. Gluten sensitivity is a different issue. Although the effects of gluten such as bloating, diarrhea an


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