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7 day body weight program

We want to offer our readers a free 7-day at home strength workout program. This is an even sweeter deal because it is completely equipment free; so no excuses! Grab your mat, water bottle and prepare to SWEAT! If you have been meaning to get back to an active lifestyle and are having trouble with making it stick then these 7 days are for YOU! Use them as a kickstart, a way to get your heart pumping and muscles working again. We recommend you knock your 7-days out during a week that you know won’t be so busy, giving you less chances to find excuses not to train - you’re welcome! But first, a few things to note. As great as working out is, for sustainable fat loss, it needs to be combined wit

Budget Fit

If you’re a self-confessed couch potato or a certified fitness fanatic, there are many different ways to get in shape and stay there - that don’t require a gym membership. Here are a few ways to work towards a healthy mind and body - on a budget of course! 1. Try Workout DVDs / Youtube videos Exercise videos have come a long way since the leotard and headbands of the 80s. Every fitness celebrity who is worth their salt has a fitness DVD or two up their sleeve. These days you can access these videos and countless others on Youtube. This method require a little more self motivation and discipline - if you struggle with hyping yourself up then this may not be the best option for you. Press play


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