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5 Reasons Why We Love Group Training

Exercise is tough! There’s no doubt about that. If it was as easy as 1-2-3, everyone would be doing it! However, the benefits of including at least 30-minutes of high and low-intensity exercise into your daily routine are insurmountable.

Want to know what makes exercise a little more bearable? – GROUP TRAINING!



Who doesn't love (and need) a good workout buddy?! Knowing that your gym buddies are expecting you to rock up and train, is often motivation enough to get up and out there. You guys can hold each other accountable and come rain or shine, support each other to rally together to ensure everyone is staying committed to their goals.


We are, all of us, competitive in some way or another. You probably haven't noticed but from where we stand as trainers, we get to see how clients interact with each other during class. We see how they watch each other, how they cheer each other on and push each other to do more reps. This sort of competitive nature is good as it pushes us to do better each time, thereby increasing our fitness and endurance levels. #GAINS


Many of us as children, were taught that a routine is good and you will find that most people thrive on having a regular regime, whether it’s to do with work, sport, eating or gym. With group fitness training, there are set times every day which enable you to plan your day, your week and your month, leaving you no excuse not to fit the sessions in.


If your trainers are anything like ours then you are always experiencing something new, and learning new ways to challenge your body. Boredom is the biggest killer of all training goals! We, at SWEAT FITNESS have got the recipe for a great session experience and crushing goals!


We all need that little push and motivation to keep going, and the people within a group will encourage and lift each other up. In those tough weeks when stress and general life seems to take over, we rally together.

If you’re ready to take advantage of group sessions, come try out SWEAT FITNESS' classes, we offer group training session four times a week at Windhoek High School plus the first session is complimentary so you at least have to give it a shot. Also, be sure to follow our Facebook page for when we host a talk at the gym about a topic related to fitness, health or nutrition.

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