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Do You Suffer From DeadButt?

Sleepy glutes can be caused by under or improper use of the glutes.

The glutes are among the largest muscles in the body, but we sit on them for too many hours, and most of us starve them of enough movement. Here, the science of how to get your butt in gear.

Here are a few things that might be causing your #deadbutt:

Sit Cycle

Raise your hand if you spend at least 8+ hours of your day sitting? Sitting is the number one killer for glutes, especially for hours on end, the muscles can becoming totally unengaged. The glute muscles are stabilising muscles and sitting for long periods keeps them in a lengthened position which is no bueno! Try taking regular walk breaks throughout the day to keep those glutes awake and firing. PS: Always take the stairs!

Mind Your Step Deficit

We rely on our glutes to walk but some of us don't do enough walking. We should all be aiming to get between 5 000 to 10 000 steps EVERYDAY! Simply walking activates the glutes 20 - 40% of their maximum contraction, to create an anabolic (muscle building) response in the glutes, you will have to do a little more, like take the stairs or run!

Gradually Run Farther

Did you know that women work their gluteus maximus about 53% more while running than men. So, don't be afraid of getting that cardio in ladies.

Squat With Intention & Low!

Squatting will help you firm your glutes and help you develop the strength you need in this muscle to help you move in your daily life. Don't get caught up in simply squatting because you want a bigger booty, there are way more benefits to it, so take your time when squatting, go as low as you can without losing your form and focus on that glute squeeze/ thrust at the top of the move.


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