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Principles for a Stronger, Pain-Free Back

Back pain is no joke. It can pulverize ambition and sap motivation. Let's focus on good posture and a strong core, which are back pain annihilators.

Below are the 25 principles to a stronger, healthier back. They include ten tips on how to combat poor posture and back pain at work, and 15 steps to a stronger core through exercise and stretching. This will give you the scaffolding to obtain a healthier, pain-free lower spine.

10 tips to combat poor posture and back pain at work

1. When sitting in your chair, make sure your feet are flat and that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Adjust your chair if need be. 2. Arch your lower back and make sure your hips are at a 90-degree angle. Lumbar pillows and other types of back support are unnecessary. 3. Place your elbows on your armrest for what’s natural to you. Now, adjust the armrests so that they go slightly higher. 4. Push your chest up and forward, but only slightly.

5. Slightly squeeze your shoulder blades together by pulling them down and back. 6. Tuck your chin in slightly. Try to line up your ears with your shoulders. 7. Adjust the top part of your monitor screen to be at eye level and several feet away from you.

8. Don’t reach! Pull your keyboard, phone and mouse closer to you.

9. Sticky note alert! Remind yourself to correct your posture.

10. Take a Break: Even if you’ve been sitting with perfect posture, give yourself a rest. Stand up, walk around and stretch once every hour. This will rid of any muscle tightness. Try to look away and focus on something else that’s far way every 25 minutes. This will ease your eyes from constantly staring at the same depth.

15 Exercises for a Stronger Core

Strengthening your core muscles is probably the most important step in treating back pain. By increasing the strength and flexibility of the core muscles - the abdominal muscles and all the muscles linked to your lower back - your weight will become evenly distributed and less of a burden on your spine.

Note: If you have distinct back problems or injuries, please see your doctor before trying these exercises.

Body weight exercises are very effective for developing core strength. Many athletes and trainers rely on these types of exercises as part of their regular training. They include:

1. The Basic Push Up

2. Squats 3. Wall Squat 4. Hip Lifts 5. Lunges 6. Side Lunges 7. Torso Twists 8. Plank 9. Side Plank 10. Modified Plank 11. Sun Salutation 12. Bridge 13. Heel dig bridging 14. Superman 15. Child's Pose

A Better Back

By combining these tips for correct posture and core exercises, you’ll find yourself with a stronger, healthier and pain-free back in no time.

Note: If these combined efforts offer no improvement for your back, you should contact your physician.


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