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100 Squat Challenge

We will be running a 100 squats a day challenge for the month of March 2018! So, that’s 31 days friends!

100 squats a day, this rep count does not include whatever reps you do in your normal workout for the day, these are for those extra leg & glute gains.

31 days is a long time to keep doing the same thing over and over again so to keep things interesting and challenging we are giving you different variations to challenge you everyday & really give your glutes and legs a great build & burn.


  • Basic squat

  • Jump squat

  • Squat w. side kick

  • Squat w. kick back

  • 3 squat steps into 1 jump squat

  • Squat pulses

  • Curtsy squat

Below is our gainz calendar for the #100SquatChallenge


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