Sweat Fitness is a fitness brand founded by three passionate female entrepreneurs with an aim to show their community that fitness can be a fun journey that leads to efficiency in several aspects of one's life. 

We cater to anyone who is eager to get active but isn’t too sure where to start.

We believe fit is not a body type and if we can motivate just one person to commit to making the changes needed to lead a healthier lifestyle then we have done our job.

Our mission is to teach our community how they can make living a healthy lifestyle fit in their current lifestyle.  There is no need for drastic changes, tiny daily changes will get you to where you want to be.

Our vision is to cultivate a movement culture that negates all the excuses not to exercise by promoting how powerful it is to SWEAT. If you are not as disciplined or as informed as the next person but still want to make the commitment to your goals, then we are the fitness service you have been looking for.

Image by Francis Photo Studios (L to R): Lwimba, Lwando, Emily 



We stand apart because we understand the journey and all of our co-founders have walked the line, we all know what it is like to set a goal and work tirelessly to achieve it.

We have all experienced the set-backs and can relate to most challenges people face when embarking on this journey. We have all cultivated a true passion for movement and we love helping people transform their lives through this process.

We believe that fitness is truly a tool that can be used to unlock one's true and greater potential.


The moments where witness a shift in our client's mindset and lifestyle are what make our work never really feel like work. Another key differentiating factor that makes us unique is our commitment to maintaining quality in everything we do, through continuously enhancing our knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and mental health.